“Don’t really stimulate the defense mechanism here,Don’t forget that you were only apprentice when you came last time,May not see you as an enemy at all。”Hong said helplessly。

“Then try to use the auxiliary optical brain to communicate!”Li Ming chuckles,Let me do it:“1number,Can you detect the spaceship below now?”
“Yes Master,If you are talking about the cultivation base about 100,000 meters underground,I can detect。”
“Ok!”Li Ming blushed,I thought it was a spaceship,But when I listen to the four words of culture base,Even more excited。
I think there are good things in it when I hear it。
“1number,Can you take over the other party’s system”
“the host,I try to control if needed,Must be close to this culture base。And unless his original owner set the permission to share with outsiders,Or the built-in system is completely dormant,Otherwise I can’t control。”
“Yes,the host!”1The light brain is as good as the flow。
(hide in1Babata in the light brain:This kid is not stupid,Will not attack that base stupidly,Ok。Let me see,The system is almost broken,You can control it casually,I remember this is the place where a few cosmic little guys train beasts,Maybe there is a wooden maiden in it,Let’s help this kid。)
A few minutes later,Li Ming stays on this huge smooth,Ellipsoidal‘Culture base’The periphery。At the moment he is cautious,First show‘Sword matrix’Around the body surface,Put another piece of alloy armor on the surface of the original force armor that has covered the Black God suit.。
One hand on the smooth surface of this base,And the auxiliary optical brain has told Li Ming,The system intelligence in this base has died out,He can completely hack the system of this base。
“Dididi!”With the crack of the system,A point on the surface of the base that seems to have no gap is directly sunken,Next to Li Ming’s full attack, the substance that can’t leave a trace is flowing like a liquid.,Directly opened a door with a sense of technology。
The three looked at each other,This ancient civilization ruins No. 5 seems to be more technologically advanced than ancient civilization ruins No. 9.,9The ancient civilization ruins Thor always said that it has the style of Cthulhu,The style is too ugly。
“Internal system and control,But I restarted when I hacked the system,Some internal measures were destroyed,Release several heads‘Cracked Bird Lizard’!”(Babata:The planetary monster just catalyzed,I’ll give you a test。)
“Cracked Bird Lizard,How strong?”
“Follow my probe,It should be a total of fifteen planetary five-level crack lizards,Life characteristics are similar to monsters on earth,But they should have just recovered from a long-term freezing coma,There must be obstacles to performance。”
“Fifteen-headed planet fifth level,Two,Let’s fight?!”Li Ming looked back。
“Haha,Planet five,Of course you have to fight,At least much weaker than the two old guys in the ocean。”Thor’s sword is out of its sheath。