“Oh,understood。”Ge Xiaolun was taken aback first,Then nodded。

“……”Du Qiangwei。
“……”Wu Xing。
Fortunately next,Ge Xiaolun is no longer stupid,And Wu Xing’s dormitory has arrived。
“This is the dormitory you live in,Key to you。”After Du Qiangwei opened the door,I just threw the key to Wu Xing。
“Remember to night8point,Classroom collection,I have to pick up new people。”
Du Qiangwei was about to turn around and leave,At this moment, Ge Xiaolun came out and said“Why is his dormitory a single room,Our dormitory is a quadruple room?”
“Why are you talking so much,He is handsome,Privileged,You are crooked,Is this reason satisfactory??”Du Qiangwei is not angry,Understand everything。
“……”moment,Ge Xiaolun is stupid,Take another look at Wu Xing’s appearance,Even more suspicious of life。
After Du Qiangwei returned to Ge Xiaolun,I decided not to ignore him,I have to change clothes,That guy is also hateful,Ruined her new set of casual clothes。
And Wu Xing’s reason to Du Qiangwei to Ge Xiaolun,Can’t help but curl his lips,Ge Xiaolun may not understand this naive,How could he not know the reason。
Why doesn’t he live with Ge Xiaolun?,But the reason for the independent single room,It’s not his identity except for suspicious,Not because of the inheritor of Shenhe gene。
When watching anime,Standard Quadruple Room,Liu Chuang did not live with Ge Xiaolun and Xin Zhao,You can see it,There are also two major factions in the Deno civilization。
“Buddies,You are amazing,How did you do that just now。”Ge Xiaolun watched Qiangwei leave,Didn’t catch up,And asked about Wu Xinglai。
Although he is naive,But it doesn’t mean you really don’t understand anything,To catch up again,I’m afraid it is the sharp blade in Qiangwei’s hand that greets him。
“Yes,Yes,Dude, you are too awesome,Is that your supernatural power?”at this time,Xin Zhao and Cheng Yaowen didn’t know when they appeared。
“Micro wormhole handling technology only,Nothing great。”Facing the grass three friends,Wu Xing finished quietly,Began to look at my dormitory。
have to say,Dormitory of Super Seminary,not bad,Room size is not small,Neat and clean,Complete tables and chairs,Even equipped with computer air conditioning,The most important is brand new!
“Wow,Micro Wormhole Transport Technology,Sounds so tall。”Xin Zhao,I just think I can be with such a person,Also seems to have connotation。