“Mr. Qin Lao,We now talk to you now.,I want you to work for the new government,If you promise,We immediately release your daughter。”

“I have said to you many times.,I am just a waste of idle at home.,I have no ability to do things for the new government.。”
“Mr. Qin Lao does not have to answer us so quickly.,Let’s take care of it first.,do not worry,We will not be what Miss Qin。”Qi Rui said that Song Jian and Tang Rui sent Qin Henian a building。
Rui Rui looked at the feet of Qin Zihu,Then find the shadow:“Shadowzi,I have a way to make the Qin Dynasty Year for us.!”
NS390chapter Devils have a conspiracy
The 13th army commander and maintain the government’s high official white Songqi were killed,According to the on-site investigation, everyone feels the horror of the jellyfish,Shaozuo Zhao is also the first time to see their power.。
“Long pool,If the Qin Dynasty will do things for us.,But this truth must be found in this truth.,Because we have to give an account of the thirteenth army,Fujiki will be in the middle of the city, but the general commander!”Shadow,
“Hayi!I will definitely check the assassination.,Shadowzi,When the Qin Dynasty, you need you to come out.。”
“Need me to do anything else,The thirteenth military chief of Sakurai Sakurai,I will see him first.。”
Rui Rui with people carefully survey the scene,Qingfei is a lot of attitude towards long-term,Because I checked for so many days, I didn’t find anything.,Qingshan Yamei has been tested is a very ordinary woman.。
Then there is a harvest from Wang Tianwu, or not,Certificate of the departure of Long Tulijun is still very successful,What is the side of Hanko Huizi?,Her suspicion also began to shake,Because in her eyes, I will do what I should do every day.,It is very small to include Long Chijun auxiliary.,Especially recently, the blow to the military Shanghai station is also very fruitful.。
therefore,Shaoxazawa handed this case to Longchun Jun,People who include wine Yi Yumei are present in the scene.,Because they fully feel the horror of jellyfish。
“Huizi,You follow the Yunzi Miss to go to the special high school class.,You first review her,But don’t use punishment,Waiting for me to review it again。”Ritual,
“Long pool,Are you still in the survey??”Wine Yihui asked,
“Wine long,Sunny,I http://www.cilve.cn am exactly all of these days to investigate all colleges.,Among them, the San Maria Women’s School in Qin Zhu is in,Let’s first understand why she recently touched.。”
“Long Pool Jun is to see if she is there possible to contact the jellyfish assassination group??”
“This is still not good.,After the investigation, let’s follow the conclusion.。”
How can a silly girl who is waiting for a ten years of love? How might sell her lover,Rui Rui is still assured to Qin Zihu,Because he has already thought about saving her approach。
Special high school trial room is hell,Looking at a lot of tributics,Put the only seventeen-year-old Qin Zi Shuji is shaking,Hankui Huizi and Zhujiang Yunzi have asked some questions.,Qin Zihu always said that he doesn’t know anything.,I am invited by the brother.,What is to make yourself http://www.dg523.cn to meet the father’s meeting with Fujiyu。
Rui Rui went to the Santa Maria Women’s School,I have asked very seriously.,Nothing found that she recently touched it。
Go back to the special high-class class, personally interview Qin Zihu:“Miss Qin,Why do you appear on the scene??”
“It’s Bai Shi brother to let me go.,He has always hoped that my father can talk to the Fuji Yidi commander.,I also hope that I can persuade my father.。”Qin Zihu did not just come in so scared.。
“White Songqi is the right to kill when calling??”
“Yes,He just said that two sentences were killed.,I was frightened at the time.。”
“What did he say you still remember??”
“He said that the general of Fuji Tian is very sincere.,Also said that I am also,Ask my father to come。”
“Do you have any new friends recently??”
“no,My father tube is very strict.,I will not let me touch any stranger.。”
When I was asked, I identified all the expressions and eyes of Qin Zihu.,It is really unlimited from the strength of the love.,It can actually let a little girl be brave enough to meet。
“Miss Qin,I advise you to be the best to tell the truth.,Because your classmate tells us that you have touched with strange men.!”
“nonsense!I do not have!”Qin Zishi is busy,
Qin Zihu did not hurt,Have rumored early prevention, she is not pregnant.,Therefore, the story behind it has been completely changed.,Rui Rui asked some of the Qin Dynasty’s things to leave the interrogation room。
Wine Yi Yibei asked:“Long pool,This is over.?”
Rui Rui looked at Hansu Huizi and Zhujiang Yunzi to intermit the Qin Zihu’s record:“Miss Huizi and Yunzi did not have asked,I think this thing should not have much relationship with her.。”
“Then why she appears at the scene?”
“I guess it should be Bausongqi, please don’t come to Qinhe Year,Want to use Qin Zihu to threaten him,Because according to what I know, Bai Songqi should be taking tickets with Fuji Yidi。”
“But asked Qin Hei, not, I didn’t know this time.?”
“Do you have any discussion or ask the secretary of the Qin Dynasty。”Ritual,