But now he thinks,To thank Fang Yu。

Must have given a lot of money!
after all,Fang Yu did a great favor!
While they were chatting,Somu’s phone rang。
“what……I’ll come over now!”
Suomu finished the call,Immediately got up and left。
Fang Yu is the only one left!
When Fang Yu was trying to add tea,Here comes a greasy man。
He looked at Fang Yu,Displeased,“Where did the beggar come from……Come here,Throw him out!”
First75chapter I think we have some misunderstanding!
The teahouse owner heard what Youtou Man said,Took a look at Fang Yu,Frown slightly。
This Fang Yu was brought by Suo Mu!
Although the dress is normal,But not a beggar!
“I’m your important guest here!Such a person you stay here……Want me to leave?”The oily man glanced at the boss,Full of anger。
“Is not……”