“Heiwa!A big boss came to you,You come out”Li Guilin stood at the gate of the courtyard and shouted loudly。

Wang Youcai lowered his voice and said:“Shall we go in and see the shield,Talking on the road is a bit inconvenient”
“No need to go in,Don’t you know。This guy has a lot of dogs,On the surface it looks fine,But as soon as I entered, I ran out,Several people in the village have been bitten by his dog。
”And talked ill of others behind his back?“With the deep voice of a man,The door banged,Come out a thirty-year-old left,Young man shaved a monk。
Wang Youcai looked up at this person,I saw him over 1.7 meters tall,Looks very strong。He looked sideways at Wang Youcai and Li Guilin,As if everyone owes him something。
“You lad,What ill of you。Did your dog bit old man Zhang last week?,I didn’t lie!“Li Guilin said with a smile。
Tian Wa raised her brow and said:“Deserve it!I told him not to enter my yard,He just didn’t listen to me, what can I do?“Tian Wa vigorously argued。
Li Guilin’s face changed and said:“All right,Don’t talk to you about this。He is the son of the old head of Xiping Village,Now the big boss,Come to talk to you,You can be polite“
“I did this”Wang Youcai took out a business card and handed it to Tian Wa。
This guy glanced at the business card Wang Youcai gave him,Said lightly:”I am an old farmer,What is your boss looking for??“
“I heard that you came from the army?I want to establish a security team in the mine manager,I want you to be the captain,I wonder if you have this consideration“Wang Youcai deliberately said something very nice,Because he couldn’t predict,Will this Tian baby agree to this?。
I didn’t expect Tianwa to listen,I couldn’t help but laughed and said:“This works for me,It’s just tailor-made,If I can bring my two dogs,That’s a perfect match,Ensure that your mine will not have any man-made damage“
Seeing that Tian Wa is so passionate about this work,Wang Youcai couldn’t help but said with a straight face:“I will give you a good salary,But you have to put away your current set,Can’t be deceived,Can you understand me?“