But what everyone didn’t expect was,Chen Geng chose Ding Ruoyan——What does he think?

But no matter how you don’t understand Chen Geng’s choice,A real problem is,Let’s do it here?Yes or no?
For a time,Many big figures are divided into two factions,Everyone started to talk about their own reasons for support and opposition,Arguing。
First1068chapter Can still do this?
Facing Ding Ruoyan who came to tell her the news specially,Chen Geng nodded:“and so,There is a lot of controversy above?”
“More than awesome,The big differences are almost like the line dispute of the year,”Ding Ruoyan smiled bitterly。
“Don’t tell me,”Chen Geng smiled and took Ding Ruoyan’s hand:“You have to think so,So many people in China get married,But I’ve never heard of anyone’s marriage that can cause such high-level gangsters to shock.?”
“Hey……Hearing what you say seems to make sense,Should i still be proud?”Say so,But I feel that Chen Geng’s words are not unreasonable Ding Ruoyan,The corners of the mouth can’t help but lift up slightly:It seems to be true,Think of those who have grown up together these days“Little sisters”That seems to be regretful and worried、In fact, I am envious of wishing to replace myself,Ding Ruoyan suddenly realized that he seemed to be in a better mood。
“Ok,I think that’s right。”
“Pooh!Speak loudly!”
I sipped Chen Geng out of anger,But Ding Ruoyan’s eyes are full of happy smiles。
Chen Geng followed and laughed for a while,Then said:“this matter,We can’t wait for the above response,That would be too passive,I plan to do something。”