Between the party schools in the autonomous region, the community will help the epidemic prevention and control

Since the incidence of this round, the Autonomous Region Party School (Administrative College) has actively mobilized more than 100 faculty and workers, and 10 communities such as Lanxi Valley, Xixia District, Xixia, Yinchuan, have been responsible for 26-value points, and assume 43 units. Task, providing volunteer services to the isolation control and home monitoring personnel, and helps the epidemic prevention and control. In accordance with the requirements of the "community whistle, department report", the Autonomous Region Party School (Administrative College) organized the party members of all parties to in depth into the community, bright identity, and assisted the community to conduct exemption of volunteer service activities. When Yinchuan City launched the first nucleic acid detection, the 3rd party members and cadres were mobilized to participate in the prevention and control of the community, and the community personnel launched a disinfection and sterilization, do a good job in registration management, organize residents to conduct nucleic acid detection in order. On October 28th, the community has been insufficient in the community, mobilizing 47 teachers and workers, the first batch of volunteer sealing tasks in Tongxinyuan Community in Xixia, Shenxia, ??Shenxia District. After issuing the "Notice on Strengthening the Sinking Work of the Party Member Cadre in Epidemic Prevention and Control", release the second mobilization order, strictly follow the requirements of the application, except for home health monitoring and sealing personnel, once again Organize 45 teachers, sinking 8 communities, carrying out a line of volunteer prevention and control services, forming a 24-hour round-owned power. The sinking community staff is divided into 9 small pilots and an emergency preparatory team, play the party’s pioneering model, so that the party flag is highly fluttering in the epidemic prevention and control, and the responsibility of practical actors is practiced. According to each task point needs, the Autonomous Region Party School (Administrative College) is equipped with 10 special service protective clothing, 20 protective glasses, 4000 guard masks, 2,800 N95 masks, 500 medical surgical masks , 100 bottles of disinfectant to ensure safety. At the same time, do a good job in the work of the next line, care for the care, etc. People’s bed, bedding and other night shifts must have equipment, daily distribution instant noodles, mineral water and other living materials. (Reporter Li Zhiting) (Editor: 梦 婕, 容) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.