Putty is behind。

With two people,The time and space in the flame mountain appeared sharp shock。
All scenes become http://www.nameles.cn blurred,The long river is actually translator。
Time water spread。
Countless people exclaim。
Long eye is even more emotion,He remembers a secret。
“Time river water is actually too big gossip furnace to quench water。”
Repairing treasures with time water。
Gu Qingying is also not moving。
Too clear morality,Let her not imagine。
Shakes brought by the gossip furnace,And the water of the long river,A blurred road appears。
In the middle of the road,A fuzzy http://www.lyhtp.cn road of riding green cattle,Cross in the road,Break the ancient times。
That is the ancestor!
Countless people therefore。
Daozu is like everything,More than everything。
This breath is more clear than the attraction of Suzhou before.。
Time rivers are in the world.,The time and space of the flame mountain becomes more and more confusing,The fuzzy road of riding the green cattle in the road is also true。
“Shadow,Go quickly。”Long crush people bless to the soul,Photographed by Gu Qingying,Send her into the road。
Gu Qing Ying did not be rejected by the road,Magic heartbeat。
There are countless strong people outside the road want to rush into ancient roads.,But I have been rejected,Or being taking a mess。
Gu Qingying did not encounter such a thing。
She is close to the road of riding green http://www.bssea.cn cattle,Although blurred,But it is also seen that it is an old man.。
“time is limited,listen well。”The old man actually begins to lead。
The sound is strange and familiar。
Gu Qingying listened to the old man,Not dare to distinguish。
Behind her,Huge too big gossip furnace rises,Multi-theistism,It seems to refine some extremely terrible thing。
The recovery of Too big gossip furnace,This is a surprise conspiracy。
This is a good office in the past.。
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Gu Qing shadow listening to the old man of the green cattle,But she is clearly listening carefully.,But the more you can’t understand it.,The old man said,I want to be wrong,Think about various contradictions。