In the eyes of ordinary people,Microsoft’s blow is a thunderbolt。

But in the eyes of industry insiders,This is probably a no-brainer。
Seemingly aggressive,But it can only be regarded as defensive,You can give a rating of offense instead of defense at most。
Because if Microsoft doesn’t have a large project,Can’t come up with a system that is almost as advanced as the Xin system,It was only a matter of time before it was replaced by Xin system。
After all, all walks of life are analyzing macro language,Its smart module is at least in the opinion of many researchers,It is definitely the language that best fits the future direction of smart development,none of them。And it matches well with brain-computer chips。
Then the problem is coming,With the further promotion of macro language,Similar industrial software can definitely be developed。What’s missing is nothing more than time and promotion。
If one day Huaxia people also have these industrial design software that supports Xin system,Even better thanCAD、3Dmax、photoshopWait for the software to be easier to use,At that time, Microsoft will not be able to solve the problem with these software companies.。
as expected,China working hours,Microsoft once again launched a blockbuster news,Future-orientedwindowsXAlready in development,Microsoft and will invest 3 billion US dollars to develop this new operating system。
Even prepared a special promotional video,Same as Xin system,This will be a system suitable for all platforms,not onlyPC,Cell phone,Or other smart devices,Holographic environment、Virtual reality equipment is considered。
of course,The timetable for the launch of this system is also very long,A beta version is expected in a year,And formally provide developers with a system call interface。
An extremely exciting official announcement。
in a sense,The Rise of Changxiang Technology,At the same time, it has inspired the forge ahead of several top-ranked companies in Silicon Valley。
After all, before Xin System came out,I have never heard of Microsoft spending huge amounts of money on research and developmentwinXSuch a system。
Not to mention early news that,Several companies throughout Silicon Valley have begun to invest in a new generation of brain-computer chip designs。
This is how a Chinese company provoked the world’s technology giants.,No matter how you look at it, it can make people excited。
So at this time, almost everyone in Huaxia focused on the enjoyment of technology after Microsoft released its big move.,Waiting for Changxiang Technology to respond。