But thinking that Li Hui Feng can make his hand instantly.,Then the magic of it is recovering.,He is full of confidence。

“Dong Ge,You really have to like to grilry my rack.,I don’t know what disease.,You are so guaranteed?
When you come in, you can find me.。”
“Li brother,Now I can pin all my hopes in you.,Just look at you.。”
More than an hour of wind,Dong Xiajian took Li Hui Feng to the military hospital.。
Under the leadership of Dong Xiajian,Li Hui Feng is also unobstructed。
When the door is at the door of the ward,Li Hui said the wind suddenly。
Because he has been so long,The first time I felt the presence of pressure。
Two young people wearing military uniforms in the door are serious,The hospital is a good middle-aged man, an old man in front of the bed before, and the old man who has been closed.。
“神 医,How about it?”
The opening is a middle-aged man wearing a military uniform.,About 50 years old,Awe。
“Hey,Gratitude,There are fewer worlds,If I have not guess wrong,The father should change blood,Even I change my bone marrow.?”
I heard the words of Yan Shen.,Middle-aged man wearing military uniforms shocked,Focusing on your eyes full of hope。
“Is there a way to give me dad??”
“Forehead,This old man is powerless,It is necessary to be a lack of,And there is not good to change blood.,The old man can’t think of any way.,This poison is probably a deep bone marrow.,Or the blood itself in the body is already poisonous,If your dad is young, ten years old,I can try another way.,But now,Because the body has already told。”
Time to say this,Tong god doctor shook his head directly。
At this time,Li Hui Feng with Dong Xiajian is blocked outside。
“Two son,I have brought people.,Guarantee can cure。”
“Humph,神 医 has entered,You can take someone。”
Dawn Mountain directly looked at Dong Xiajian and Li Hui,Especially Li Hui is so young.,The disdain of his eyes is more。
Dong Xiajian was attached by the other party,Although there is an gas, but I don’t dare to attack。
If it is,Then he will definitely follow the Dong Xiao’s fitness.,Silently accept the reality。
But now he is no longer the youth who don’t understand anything.。
I know that I’m gotting.。
“Mingshan,How do you talk??
Pair of people must be polite。”
“Big brother,Such slag also requires us to be polite?”
Looking at the face of the face of Dawn Mountain,Tic is also a bit speechless,My brother is too impulsive.,And don’t understand your emotions,He feels like this, went to the morning and evening.。
But my younger brother said it is true.,Whether it is Dong Xiajian or Li Hui,They have not seen in the eyes。
At this time,Li Hui Feng is open.。
“Dong Da Ge,let’s go,Your big old and far, please come,Just let me get angry and have been tauntful.?
I like to ridicule, I can cure it.,And this person will have more serious diseases.。”
Dong Xiajian heard that Li Hui Feng this,Face is not changed。
In front of you, these two generations of young generations,Li Hui does not understand their background,He is clear。
Li Hui’s ruling today is sinful.,Don’t say that Li Hui’s home in the home,It is the whole village may be broken.。
I immediately apologize for Li with the wind.。
But Dawn Mountain is coming over。
“Boy,Mock up, you are looking at you,You are talking about me that I have developed into a problem after you have a problem.?”
Speech,Dawn Mountain fist is 嘣嘣 嘣嘣,That is ready to do,Li Hui’s heart is also finally known where the pressure comes from.。
But he also has confidence in his own skills.。