Those people haven’t reacted yet,I feel like my head has been hit hard,When Xiao Fan landed steadily,Several people fell to the ground at the same time。

All the people present were dumbfounded,Xiao Fan’s speed is beyond human reach,Everyone hasn’t reacted yet,He has solved more than ten people。Xiao Fan flicked the dust off his pants,Chuckled。
“You trash,Can’t you beat one?,Don’t hurry up to me,what!”Brother Lei hasn’t finished speaking yet,I felt my throat was choked。
He pointed to Xiao Fan in front of him,Eyes full of surprise and horror,The people present only felt a dark shadow passing by,Then I saw Xiao Fan standing in front of Brother Lei。
A little brother shivered:“he,How did he pass,Have you seen it?”Everyone shook their heads tremblingly。
Xiao Fan looked at Lei Ge who was flushed and said:“I don’t want to waste time with you,Your underground business,I interrupted,Don’t want to do harmful things。”
Xiao Fan doesn’t want to kill,This time I just wanted to give these people a warning,He doesn’t have so much time to play with them slowly。
“I came here to tell you,Want to survive,Wash your hands as soon as possible,I can also put you one yard,Understand?”Xiao Fan stretched out his other hand and patted Brother Lei’s face,Say coldly。
Lei Ge said with a trembling voice:“I know,I will disband these brothers tomorrow,Re-behave,You let me live,I beg you。”Xiao Fan let go,Wiped his hands with a handkerchief。
Xiao Fan nodded,Slowly walked out of the warehouse under everyone’s attention,He doesn’t feel sleepy at all,Instead, I was excited because I solved a long-standing trouble。
This time,Xiao Fan should go back to Lin’s house,A little bit later,The maid should get up,He’s not afraid of being hit by someone。
Just too troublesome,Too lazy to explain,Xiao Fan opened the car door,Sat in。
He took a deep breath,Thinking of going to Greenwood Villa to find Mr. Fan in a few days,There are many issues to discuss between them,About Xiao Fan’s life experience,And how to go on in the future,Only Fan can talk to him。
He squeezed his brows,Then start the car,Drive into the night again。He drove the car back to the garage,Then go upstairs softly。
“Xiao Fan, why are you going out so late”Liu Chunlan’s voice came,Liu Chunlan wants to go to the restaurant to pour a glass of water,I just met Xiao Fan back。
Xiao Fan didn’t expect to meet Liu Chunlan so by chance,He said calmly:“mom,Why are you not sleeping yet,I just went to deal with Liu Neng,He’s back home now,Shouldn’t make trouble。”
Liu Chunlan nodded approvingly,Talk while walking:“Thank you so much, Xiao Fan,Hurry back and rest。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“Not hard,All i should do,Mom, take a rest, too,Go to the studio tomorrow。”