What appeared in front of me was indeed the scene in the cabin,The space in the cabin is damaged everywhere,And with the passing of time,Becomes irreversible。

The objects in the cabin are all ultra-modern products,Lu Menglin can’t tell the function,I have almost never seen the material,He is not a scientist,Of course not trying to analyze these things。
Lu Menglin is sober,Because if A Jianglong ever occupied this place,And got benefits from here,Then you can find a way to communicate effectively with here。
Maybe it’s the special material of this spacecraft,The cabin wall is like a luminous body,There is always natural light,The light is very soft,Seems to have a little calming effect。
Lu Menglin continues to move forward,After passing through three consecutive passage gates,Finally came to a space completely different from before。
From the moment you step into this hatch,The bottom of my feet is all green moss,And this green color is really breathtaking。
Damaged,Greenery blooms on the suspected console,Overgrown with similar weeds,Or something like ferns。
Lu Menglin can clearly perceive,The vitality here is too strong,As if all life is facing this exit,Crazy growth,Fight for a ray of life here。
Just glance over,He saw at least hundreds of plants,They all live in such an interior space of less than 300 square meters,Contend for,Desperately blooming vitality。
This is a thrilling beauty of life,While making Lu Menglin secretly startled,I almost want to sit down cross-legged to practice strength。
Because the vitality in this environment is so abundant,Ten times more abundant than the seabed,hundred times,It’s a shame not to use it to practice Gangjin。
but,Lu Menglin still resisted this temptation,Because he came in to find out what’s happening here,I believe there are even greater benefits in the back。
Lu Menglin walks through these dense plants,Keep going。
He is not worried about losing his way,Because it’s not far ahead,Constantly exuding rich and surging life energy,Under Lu Menglin’s perception,Like a torch in the dark,Even if you want to hide, you can’t hide。
at last,He came to the point with the strongest life energy。